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Menu of Dundas Spring Garden

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Dinner Combos 晚餐套餐

Appetizers 小吃

Soups 汤类

Dumplings 饺子 锅贴

Cold Platters 冷盘

Seafood Dishes 海鲜类

Chicken Dishes 鸡肉类

Pork Dishes 猪肉类

Duck Dishes 鸭肉类

Beef Dishes 牛肉类

Sizzling Platters

Hot Pots 干锅煲仔类

House Specials 特色菜推荐

Vegetables, Tofu, & Eggs 什菜 豆腐 鸡蛋类

Fried Noodles, Rice Noodles, & Vermicelli 炒面,炒米粉 炒河粉

Fried Rice 炒饭类

Rice Platters 客饭

Noodles, Vermicelli, Rice Noodles, & Congee 汤米面 河粉 粥

Beverages 饮料